The Chambers of Industry are keen on creating business training options to address the issue of violence against women within workspaces.

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We belong to the German Chambers of Industry and Commerces, team promoting social awareness on several issues of interest aimed at enhancing business growth.

We are certain that with our guidance and advice, those companies willing to incorporate avant-garde policies aimed at improving productivity will be encouraged into making the decision to evaluate their context and promote the establishment of workspaces that are driven to implement action plans leading to safe, violence-free against women working places.

What have the Chambers of Industry and Commerce done to create conscience awareness and eliminate the damage which violence against women can have on business productivity?

Since 2014, GIZ – The German Agency for International Cooperation, is a pioneer in promoting actions to prevent violence against women in the region and has implemented successful actions in the business sector.

As part of the cooperation process with companies, we have created audible and certifiable tools to assist in preventing violence against women, in order to downsize the costs involved and create a safe workplace.

Our linkages and connections with the private sector have enabled us to disseminate information, reach every potential nook through the Internet, and offer our support and guide to those responsible for corporate social responsibility.

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An achievement of the German Agency implemented by GIZ and AHK has been the model developed to prevent violence against women, that was implemented by Droguería INTI S.A. in Bolivia.

With the support provided by the German Cooperation implemented by GIZ, Droguería INTI S.A. has built plans now in place, which enforce:

  1. A code of ethics that incorporates zero-tolerance policies concerning violence against women.
  2. The recruitment of new members of staff includes certified verification on criminal records concerning violence against women.
  3. It implements training workshops using an experiential methodologies that incorporates internal support paths for victims. The Company always provides accompaniment in these cases.
  4. Training courses directed to male employees, thus creating conscience awareness on the consequences which a violent behavior against women can entail.
  5. Engagement of the Psychological Assistance Area responsible for accompaniment.
  6. It has entered into agreements with institutions providing legal and psychological support.
  7. Droguería INTI S.A. organizes events with other companies, encouraging them and motivating them based on their own experience with the model in place to prevent violence.
  8. This company have a mass-media campaign using a metaphoric drug by the name of “Valórate” (value yourself).

As a consequence of this exhaustive effort, the model’s evaluation has attained the following outcomes🙁

  • Violence against women in the Company dropped by 7%
  • Droguería Inti is now a safer workplace.
  • The number days lost on absenteeism and absent-minded attendance has diminished.
  • The Company’s acknowledged standing has positively increased. Inti is an avant-garde organization on this issue and has placed itself as a socially responsible company.
  • The vast majority of women and men working at Droguería Inti value the effort made in preventing violence against women.

“We truly believe that a zero-tolerance approach against gender-based violence is a must at the time of establishing corporate policies aimed at improving productivity and the company’s prestige”.


A healthy working context ensures wellbeing for the entire staff; it ascertains a zero-tolerance approach concerning gender-based violence, and shows evidence thereof through evaluation, by creating learning spaces and affording safe, harassment-free workplaces.

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