The elimination of violence against women in the workspace can lead to improved good standing and productivity for your company

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One of the most assertive strategies leading to strengthened productivity in all of your company’s areas is that of assessing, identifying and proposing solutions to eliminate violence against women.

What does provide for your company?





On-going assessment

Personalized certification

Corporate certification carries out a training and certification procedure for your company, aimed at eliminating violence against women within the workspace.

100% accessible online training:

The use of an efficient, simple platform, provides your company with ongoing support for handling the situation. Training is compulsory, along with a schedule of activities and evaluations. These traits enable the development of effective training.

Effective learning and certification:

As a result of such training process, the entire staff within your company will receive a certification that guarantees that learning has exceeded 90%.

Advisory options when support is needed by public or private institutions:

It provides information whenever your organization needs assistance for the victims; promotes a culture of interinstitutional cooperation in order to eradicate violence against women.

The outcome of support to your company will have a favorable impact expressed in terms of:

At the time of addressing violence against women, this cultural transformation will allow your organization to create and make progress under zero-tolerance policies.

With this certification your company shows its willingness to create safe, harassment-free spaces.

Your organization emphasizes its willingness to facilitate denunciation of cases and provide legal support to victims.

As a consequence of the training process your company will improve and boost its business/corporate productivity.

Welcome to the companies embracing zero-tolerance against gender-based violence.

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