Everyone in the Company is keen on supporting the eradication of gender-based violence

Heart-felt congratulations and a warm welcome is extended to YOU, who make it possible for the Company “to be”, you who contribute your knowledge base, your attitude and willingness to create and build within the working context a future for the organization, for the community, and for society at large.

Initiating this training will make you grow as a person, strengthening your self-esteem, and teaching you how to be aware of your own weaknesses and strengths.

As an outcome, you will be able to discover and understand the importance that have zero-tolerance against gender-based violence has in the workspace. It will be through knowledge, intelligence, and self-initiative that you will attain the conversion which your Company needs.

Trained, empowered, assertive and decisive labor force will be capable of making the transition which your organization wishes to achieve.

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