Transform your Company into a safe space, free from Gender-Based Violence!

What are the Benefits of Certification?


Upon certification of your personnel, your company secures a business certification as a safe place..


Rigorous evaluations ensure that learning outcomes surpass the 90% benchmark.


Complete the certification within just one month, with ongoing support and follow-up.


Empower your staff with specialized training, fostering a culture of safety within your organization.

Accessible Online

Effortlessly access our comprehensive training program through a user-friendly online platform.

Violence against women profoundly impacts the dynamic work environment
and productivity
within companies.

Did you know? 31 out of every 100 female workers find themselves in violent situations.

Violence against women is not a private matter nor beyond the scope of organisations; it is a stark reality that companies inevitably shoulder the burdens of such violence, even when it occurs outside their immediate purview.

When female employees become victims of violence, the ripple effects are felt within the workplace. This manifests in heightened absenteeism, reduced productivity, tardiness, and a surge in staff turnover.

We recognize the imperative of addressing such issues head-on. We strive to cultivate a safe and supportive environment within companies and empowering them to thrive professionally and personally.

Elimitate this problems generated by
Violence against Women in your Company.

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