Corporate Training to

Eliminate Violence against Women.

It trains and certifies your personnel as gender-violence free members of staff. It will place your company at the forefront in creating safe working spaces.

Gender-based Violence affects the work environment and productivity

Violence against Women – Concepts

Be aware of what Violence against Women implies, what types of violence exist, what the cycle of violence is, and the context where it takes place

Violence against Women at Home

See how Violence against Women affects the family relations and how myths around this issue do not help.

Violence against Women at Work.

Contrary to all beliefs, Violence against Women at home affects the work environment and the companies’ productivity.

Strategies vis-à-vis Violence against Women

Find out how the actions which you and your company may implement can lead to safe homes, places, and companies that are free from gender-based violence.

Are you aware if Violence against Women

has afected your company’s productivity?

You cannot take for granted the fact that violence against women  Violence against Women does not exist in the workspace if an awareness and evaluation process of the context is not made. It is worth doing away with a false sense of security and go deeper into the likelihood of violent acts against women taking place in the company.

A firm that refuses to identify and evaluate a gender-based violence ambiance in its working context is taking away the possibility of freeing the company from gender-based violence, and hence precluding the likelihood of enhancing viability of activities, in this manner affecting the intended objectives and goals.

Gender-based violence can not be regarded as a private affair and as such falling outside the competence of organizations, the truth is that the companies will always withstand the ensuing costs, even if those violent acts take place outside the company’s working space.

An example of this reasoning is that whenever employees are being victimized by their spouses or former partners, such an act is reflected in the rate of absenteeism, absent-minded attendance, tardiness, and rotation of personnel.

Noted should also be that aggressor employees can also use work resources to assault their partners, cause absenteeism from work, tardiness, and increase the percentage of work-related incidents/claims.

As a conclusion, any act of violence against women—whether inside or outside the work context albeit involving the work ambience—affects the organizations’ productivity.

Share with us! Are you aware of what the costs assumed by your company are due to gender-based violence?

6 problems generated by violence against women in your company.

3 Figures concerning Violence against Women in Latin America.

6 Benefits to be attained by your company with the support of

Violence against women within corporate contexts cannot be treated as a taboo issue; it must not be taken lightly, and the economic impact it causes cannot be hidden or disguised.

Persons are more assertive and productive within quiet, safe, and violence-free work environments.

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