Make your company a safe and violence-free place.

Through this certification, your company will have a favorable impact expressed in:

Corporate Cultural Transformation

  • Creation of zero tolerance policies
  • Willingness to create safe and harassment-free enviroments
  • Facilitate processes of denunciation, legal support and assistance to assaulted woman


Indtroductory Module: The thousand Faces of Violence against Woman
  • Myths and realities about Violence against Women
  • The multiplicity of types of violence against Women
  • Places where violence against women occurs
Module 2: What is violence against women and how is it sustained?
  • Conceptand scope of violence against women in the family and its impact on the company.
  • Violence against women at home
  • The cycle of violence against women
  • Economic effects of violence against women
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violence against women in advertising
Module 3: Strategies and actions against violence in the workplace
  • Strategies for action against violemce against women
  • Corporate alliances against violence
  • Corporate internal service routes
  • Recommendations to be followed in the company in terms of mobbing
  • Posibilities for developing alliances in the country
Module 4: Social Roles and Myths that perpetuate Violence against Women
  • Being a man and being a woman
  • Construction of differences
  • Gender Focus
  • Relationship between sexism and gender discrimination
  • Gender relations and violence against women
  • Myths and facts about gender violence
Module 5: Successful experiences od Corporate Social Responsability (CRS) to combat gender violence
  • Best practices in Corporate Social Responsability against women violence
  • Successful initiatives around the world
  • Some examples from Latin America
  • Good practices that are being carried out in our region
Módule 6: Social and economic impacts of violence against women and their protection framework
  • Social impacts of violence against women
  • Economic effects of violence against women

If you are interested, we will follow this process for your certification:

  1. We will schedule an informative meeting.
  2. We will make a commitment agreement with the company and authorities: coordination, planning and excecution.
  3. We will get started with the personnel training and business certification.