Embark on a transformative journey for your company with our certification program.

Experience the power of change in your organization, with notable impacts including:

Corporate Cultural Transformation

  • Implementation of Zero-Tolerance Policies: Eradicate any form of misconduct with unwavering commitment, ensuring a workplace free from harassment.
  • Establishment of Safe and Inclusive Environments: Cultivate an atmosphere where every individual feels valued and secure, fostering productivity and innovation.
  • Streamlined Reporting Processes: Empower your workforce with efficient channels for reporting incidents, backed by robust legal support and assistance for victims.
  • Join us in paving the way towards a future where every woman feels empowered, respected, and protected in the workplace. Let's ignite change together!


Indtroductory Module: The thousand Faces of Violence against Woman
  • Myths and realities about Violence against Women
  • The multiplicity of types of violence against Women
  • Places where violence against women occurs
Module 2: What is violence against women and how is it sustained?
  • Conceptand scope of violence against women in the family and its impact on the company.
  • Violence against women at home
  • The cycle of violence against women
  • Economic effects of violence against women
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violence against women in advertising
Module 3: Strategies and actions against violence in the workplace
  • Strategies for action against violemce against women
  • Corporate alliances against violence
  • Corporate internal service routes
  • Recommendations to be followed in the company in terms of mobbing
  • Posibilities for developing alliances in the country
Module 4: Social Roles and Myths that perpetuate Violence against Women
  • Being a man and being a woman
  • Construction of differences
  • Gender Focus
  • Relationship between sexism and gender discrimination
  • Gender relations and violence against women
  • Myths and facts about gender violence
Module 5: Successful experiences od Corporate Social Responsability (CRS) to combat gender violence
  • Best practices in Corporate Social Responsability against women violence
  • Successful initiatives around the world
  • Some examples from Latin America
  • Good practices that are being carried out in our region
Módule 6: Social and economic impacts of violence against women and their protection framework
  • Social impacts of violence against women
  • Economic effects of violence against women

Excited about certification? Here's the process:

  1. First, we'll schedule an engaging meeting.
  2. Next, we'll solidify commitments with your company and authorities, ensuring seamless coordination, planning, and execution.
  3. Then, the process begins with personnel training, leading to business certification.